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Today as a family, we celebrate our very own Executive Director and founder @padupafrica in the person of Mrs Ashley Lori. We are grateful for your resilience and obedience to this call to serve humanity in a distinct way. We appreciate how you truly embody the foundation with the virtues you…

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It’s Pad-Up Question Time…What were your first thoughts when you saw the post?Have you ever stained sheets before, your own or someone else’s?How did you feel?Have you ever been stained unknowingly and you’re just walking majestically in the public?Do you think people should be embarrassed when they get stained?..We want to…

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Do you know what PMS is?Have you experienced PMS?Do you believe PMS Is real? Would you like to share your experience?

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It’s Saturday and we just wanted to remind you of the realities of young ladies who lack the basic sanitation facilities. Period management is not as easy because it comes with it’s own challenges like the constant need of clean water, fresh pads which most young girls and grown women do…

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This month has been set aside to be suicide awareness and prevention month.The World Wide accepted day was on Friday the 10th of September 2021 with the global theme being “Creating Hope Through Action” At Pad-Up Africa, we create our own little hope to not so privileged girls and women. We…

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Sex and Menstruation!!!Yes, it’s Saturday and we decided to give you something light for the weekend while we educate you. If you’ve also done it or know someone who has and has shared their experience with you…feel free to let us in so we understand properly 😊. We’re waiting for your…

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It’s the last quarter of the year and we @padupafrica wish you a Happy New Month.We thank you for supporting us so far and we pray your pockets are filled and that you spare a fraction for the impact we’re trying to create because we cannot do it without you.

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