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Our first stop yesterday in commemoration of the International Day of the Girl Child, themed “Digital Generation, Our Generation” was @noblehallschool . Our amazing team members consisting of our Executive Director in the person of Mrs Ashley Lori @ashley_olachi_lori , the Communications Manager for Pad-Up Africa @__lohwis in the person of…

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Today as a family, we celebrate our very own Executive Director and founder @padupafrica in the person of Mrs Ashley Lori. We are grateful for your resilience and obedience to this call to serve humanity in a distinct way. We appreciate how you truly embody the foundation with the virtues you…

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Where will you be on the 27th of August?Yes, tomorrow… Pad-up Africa will be represented live by her founder in the person of Mrs Ashley Lori @ashley_olachi_lori She will be speaking on everything menstrual education and engaging minds in sensitization. Clear your schedules and come join us as we make impact…

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Menstrual Education with Pad-Up Africa.Today, we’re talking Menorrhagia. If you have extremely heavy and prolonged periods consistently and maybe sometimes it messes with your health; fainting spells or feeling dizzy…We think you should speak up, see a physician and just make sure you’re totally okay.

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Today, we’re showing you some of the behind the scenes from our last outreach just to let you know that it takes a community of people to impact and a community of people to receive. Societal impact will never be within the reach of individualistic goals. You support with funds, someone…

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My School Toilet Story

Toilet Story: A spotlight on Government Secondary School, Kabusa, FCT-Abuja Toilets are important aspect of healthy environment and sanitation. As already known, it is responsible for the proper disposal of human feces and urine which are daily human body wastes. The availability of toilets around us ensures healthy disposal and their…

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Good health and Menstrual hygiene management

Good health and Menstrual hygiene management  FGGC Bwari, Abuja We believe in good health and Menstrual hygiene management to enable the girl child concentrate and stay in school. If our community leaders and Guardians will align to the awearness of a healthy lifestyle and well-being of every month and girl-child the…

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