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In commemoration of the International Women Day on the 8th of March, Pad-Up partnered with @browncongroup to sensitize women in Kabusa Village, Abuja, Nigeria on Menstrual Empowerment. Choosing to challenge gender bias. Our partners @browncongroup were super awesome in the provision of sanitary material, wrappers and face masks to the women.…

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Happy New Year & Month We got involved with a truckload of activities that keeping you up to date was a struggle. However, we’re back and we’ll be showing you everything we’ve done behind the scenes. We remain dedicated in lending our voice and using our platform to create awareness on…

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Stages of Puberty Relating to Nigerian Women

Background: Globally, there is a secular trend towards the reduced age for sexual maturity and menarche. This study aimed to determine the current age and factors associated with attainment of various stages of puberty in Nigerian girls. Methods: This study was a cross-sectional study involving 800 girls aged 6-15 years. The…

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